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Date Updated: 30-Dec-2017

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Date Underdog Favorite Line Official
31-Dec-2017 Green Bay Packers DETROIT LIONS 6.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 New York Jets NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 15.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Houston Texans INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 4.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Cleveland Browns PITTSBURGH STEELERS 6.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 NEW YORK GIANTS Washington Redskins 3.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Chicago Bears MINNESOTA VIKINGS 12.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Dallas Cowboys 2.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Cincinnati Bengals BALTIMORE RAVENS 9.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 MIAMI DOLPHINS Buffalo Bills 2.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Carolina Panthers ATLANTA FALCONS 3.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 TAMPA BAY BUCS New Orleans Saints 6.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Jacksonville Jaguars TENNESSEE TITANS 2.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Oakland Raiders LOS ANGELES CHARGERS 7.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Arizona Cardinals SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 9.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 Kansas City Chiefs DENVER BRONCOS 3.5 YES
31-Dec-2017 LOS ANGELES RAMS San Francisco 49ers 3.5 YES

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